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Ex-USCIRF official slams Modi government, says Obama should focus on India’s human rights record

Former US president Barack Obama’s statement about minority rights in India under Prime Minister Modi has stoked controversy.

A former member of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom has criticized the Indian government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that President Obama should focus on India’s human rights record during his upcoming visit to the country.

A former commissioner of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom has said that former President Barack Obama should focus more on praising India rather than criticizing it. According to American evangelical leader Johnny Moore, India is the most diverse nation in history and America should praise the largest democracy on the planet.

Ex-USCIRF official slams Modi government, says Obama should focus on India's human rights record
Former U.S. president Barack Obama. (AP)

“I believe that instead of criticizing India, the previous President (Barack Obama) should have focused more of his time on praising India. India is the most diverse nation in human history. Like America, it is not perfect But its diversity is one of its strengths and we should admire the world’s largest democracy,’ Moore told ANI.

“India has much to teach America. India is the most culturally diverse country on earth. It is a testing ground for many religions. I visited India to study religion, and about One big thing is that there are more languages, more religions, and more ethnically diverse people than any other democracy in human history. This is something we should try to do whenever possible, Moore added. Yes, we should celebrate.

Biden made his comments a few days after Obama was quoted as suggesting in an interview that Biden should raise the topic of religious freedom with India, as he would if he were still US president. In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Obama said that there is a good chance that India could eventually start to break up if the rights of ethnic minorities are not protected.

Additionally, the USCIRF requested that during the state visit of Prime Minister Modi, President Biden address “related issues” of religious freedom and other relevant human rights in India. According to the claim, the BJP-led government has supported discriminatory national and state laws that substantially hinder and restrict the right of minority groups to practice their religion.

“Instead of criticizing the historic journey, it is time to celebrate it. Attacking in secret and applauding some friends publicly can be more beneficial, especially when it comes to a democracy.” Commented the previous USCIRF commissioner Of, “It’s brilliant geopolitics.

“Because there are so many people around the world who want to demonstrate that this is the twilight of democracy in the world. This is not twilight, this is a new dawn of democracy.”

Obama’s comments drew sharp reactions in India, especially from leaders of the ruling BJP, with Union minister Nirmala Sitharaman saying the former president’s comments were surprising as six Muslim-majority countries faced US “bombing” during his tenure. Was lying.

She said, “I am exercising restraint while speaking on foreign affairs. We want a good friendship with America. But from there also the USCIRF comment about religious tolerance in India comes and the former President is also saying something.” “Weren’t six countries – Syria, Yemen, Saudi and Iraq, and other Muslim countries – bombed during his tenure (as US President)?” He asked.

“When he makes such allegations against India, will the people trust him,” she said.


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