Top 10 updates on Ajit Pawar's big switch

Top 10 updates on Ajit Pawar's big switch

Hours after meeting rebel NCP MLAs this morning, Ajit Pawar met Devendra Fadnavis at his residence - reportedly to discuss the power-sharing formula. "Discussions were held regarding allocation of ministries to the eight NCP MLAs who have joined the government led by Ajit Pawar and Shinde," sources said.

The party has also written to the Election Commission of India (EC) informing that Sharad Pawar, who founded the NCP in 1999, will continue to head the party and there will be no change in leadership. He also urged the Election Commission to listen to the Ajit Pawar camp before acting on any request.

The veteran politician later also addressed the media. Sharad Pawar said that he has started the statewide tour to strengthen the NCP and boost the confidence of party workers. "Those who tried to break the NCP, we will show them their real place," he said.

Reacting to the nephew's big change, Sharad Pawar had said yesterday that he would form a new leadership in the party. However, he added that "there is no problem in the family." Mr. Pawar said, "There is no problem in the family. We do not discuss politics in the family. Everyone takes their own decision."

The party's working president Supriya Sule, who is also Sharad Pawar's daughter, said the developments in the party would not affect the unity of the opposition. She also said that Ajit Pawar may have different views, but she will "always love him like a sister". "I can never quarrel with my brother," Ms. Sule told the media.

The Congress indicated that they stand by Sharad Pawar in view of the emerging situation in Maharashtra. Senior Congress leader Prithviraj Chavan said that Sharad Pawar, one of the smartest politicians of the country, will at least fight in the people's court.